Success Stories

Red Gate Farm

We were privileged to work alongside Caroline Kennedy and the incredible leadership at Christie’s International Real Estate to see, film, write and share the story of this truly great American legacy. No cameras have ever been allowed such access to Jackie’s beloved family sanctuary, and we are honoured to have been awarded such trust, warmth and belief from the outset.

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The Creamery

This film was the centrepiece of a campaign that was over before it began. Because the first family who watched it fell in love, and were inspired to make an offer so bold that the home never formally went to market. The Creamery at Two Rivers set a benchmark for design in prestigious Jackson Hole - and a benchmark for property marketing around the world. 

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This film was our first foray into merging beautiful homes with beautiful lives. Depicting 24 fictional hours in the grounds of one of Australia's most historic beachfront estates, it generated enormous comment and coverage. In a matter of weeks, it had set a state price record that would stand for years.

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Otter Cove

Four years in construction, and centuries in inspiration, Otter Cove is a magnificent tribute to French-inspired design. A story made even more compelling by its location - overlooking a marine sanctuary in the heart of Pebble Beach.  The film was lauded by its owners and agents for its passion and beauty and helped produce an astounding result.

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The Seccull House

We were brought in to craft a campaign for the famous “Seccull House” after it failed to sell in a previous campaign. We knew immediately this house was the stuff of modernist dreams, so we designed a campaign that celebrated just that. The tactic landed us too major editorial covers, a lot of comment and, within two weeks, the right offer..

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Beatty Street

The agents engaged to sell this home wanted a video that would tap into their unique expertise to help showcase the attributes of this important home. We put them in front of the camera and, with our own elegant and informative production style, helped to tease out global interest. Within a matter of weeks, it was sold to a returning expat for a suburb record.

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In May 2017, “Elaine” became the most expensive home ever sold in Australia. Its record-breaking sale to a young Australian tech billionaire, who was inspired to respect its heritage, was widely hailed as a victory for considered and credible marketing. We worked on this campaign from start to finish, producing two films, and managing media relations.

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360 Property Group

From the moment we met them, we knew 360 Property Group deserved something sexy. Their company oozes energy, excellence and style. We crafted a script and shooting style that captured their commitment to a changing landscape, and in doing so, we helped to redefine their brand.

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Pebble Cove

“Pebble Cove Farm” could never sit comfortably with traditional real estate marketing. It was too raw, too unfinished and too challenging. However, under the gaze of our curious and artistic lens, this challenging project suddenly blossomed. The video assist in drawing an extraordinary level of coverage and inquiry  and a record breaking price.

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Calistoga Hills

Calistoga Hills Resort had all the potential in the world as unrepeatable development opportunity  in the magnificent Napa Valley.. But its uncleared, untouched land needed to something extra to validate its $US100million price tag. We blended stunning cinematography with a passionate interview to help sell the dream and, ultimately, the resort.

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Rob Mills

Leading architect Robert Mills is a passionate storyteller for his beautiful homes. When this stunning luxury residence in Melbourne came to the market, we knew there could be no one better to explain what it offered to potential purchasers. It worked a treat - the first person to see this bought the property and before the first advertisement had even run.

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2712 Broadway

2712 Broadway went to the market in 2017 as the most expensive home ever offered for sale in San Francisco. we were asked to make a film that ensured the world knew why. We spent four days finding the moments that made this home great. Four weeks after our film was launched, 2712 was sold - having delivered on its record breaking promise.

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