We are a boutique media company working with discerning clients around the globe to craft clever and captivating films and videos that work. Since 2010, our beautiful and smart approach to film making has seen us engaged on hundreds of campaigns that were all seeking something beyond the ordinary – both with what was produced and what was achieved.

At the core of what we do is a long-earned understanding of true luxury content and the care, craftsmanship and commitment that is required to produce it. This website isn't our whole story - it's a small window into it.

We hope you enjoy the view. 

great stories 

Have you ever noticed how people lean in when you whisper to them? That is the power of a beautifully told story - the kind that moves beyond transactional real estate and instead draws people in and holds them. More


Brand films can be sexy too. The corporate world is alive with culture, talent and great imagery – all it needs is someone who takes the time and care to tease it out. 360 Property Group’s vision and energy came to life in our luxury lens.  More


Passion is contagious. So we often seek articulate and inspiring people to help tell and grow our beautiful stories. In this case, it was a captivating architect – whose journey with this incredible Wyoming ranch helped sell the dream. Watch


Success isn't the great idea. It’s the magnificent outcome. Which is why we spend days on location, not just hours.

And why we always find the story,  because that's what builds connection. We work hard to tell each and every story we’re entrusted with – which is why we’re proud of our real estate video marketing success stories.

Below is a selection of campaigns that were used by many different people in many different ways. But they all share one important similarity - they worked.


It stole hearts - and sold in a heartbeat. Like so many great legacy properties, Mona Farm needed to be told - not sold. So we made a film that was emotional and never transactional. The response was incredible. And so was the result. See it


2712 Broadway went to the market in 2017 as the most expensive home in San Francisco. We were asked to make a film that ensured the world knew why. Four weeks after our film launched, 2712 was sold - and the city had a new record  See it

The Seccull House

This home was more than real estate - it was a modernist dream. So we designed a campaign that didn't sell it, it celebrated it. The weekend it launched, our shoot ran on the covers of two major magazines. And a week after that, the house was sold. See it


 Our work is working

EVERYWHERE, every day. The power of thoughtfully executed property videos is that they will continue to engage and inform for as long as desired. Below is a small selection of some of our beautiful videos that are currently in play. Some have just launched, others have been delivering value for years. Each and every one of them is working.


In 2017, this was voted the world's finest penthouse. Everything about the curation of this $66million Sydney sky mansion was without peer. So, to be asked to make the film for its global sales campaign was an incredible honour – and something we came at from every angle.  See it.


When the billionaire owner of this incredible estate decided to gift it to animal welfare, we received a call asking us to make a film that would celebrate its beautiful heart.  The home had been empty for some time, but a clever storyline and staging brought back the love.  See it


“The Zenith” was one of the most influential campaigns in Australian property in 2019. This $400million asset had raised the bar with luxury and lifestyle in the commercial sector, so we made a film that was as stylish as it was substantial. See it


But the real power lies in how well it is told. For us, there are few joys greater than placing our lens inside a business and finding what makes it personal. We find that working together with a business can help capture its true heart. We've helped capture the hearts and minds of countless people, companies and events over years. These are some of their stories.


Knight Frank Prestige in Australia came to us seeking a brand film that would capture their dual strengths - being both local and global. We responded with a script and imagery that was both big picture and yet quite personal - and underpinned the company’s passion and provenance. See it


Our King Island Beef brand film is the story of a legacy in the re-making. Leading agri-business company EAT Group asked us to craft a compelling presentation to show investor groups the provenance and potential of King Island's magnificent beef industry. It worked a treat. See it


We loved working with Jinding. Their passion for Australia and its landscape was contagious, and inspired us to conceive the concept ‘Leave the Light On’ about their commitment to building wonderful communities that people would always want to come home too.  See it


A Sphere Of Influence

WE don't just make beautiful content and real estate video marketing campaigns – we get it talked about. One of our key points of difference is the extraordinary relationships that we have built over the years in property media, all around the world. Our founder Tracey Atkins is a former senior broadcast journalist who has ingrained in us an innate understanding of what it takes to land the kind of coverage that builds awareness and reputations.  


We are teeming with talent, ideas, energy and an endless desire to go beyond the expected to produce the unexpected. Our property marketing services extend throughout Sydney and Melbourne, and indeed anywhere in the world.

So please, if you have any kind of content requirement anywhere in the world let us know. 

Reach out.

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