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Mona Farm

From our first phone briefing with its passionate owner, we knew Mona Farm was special. And the moment our feet touched its beautiful grounds, it was confirmed.

We wish we had a penny for evert wonderful message we've received since we launched our film for "Mona Farm”. The joy for us is that we’ve done what we set out to do - ensure this historic Australian legacy was being seen, shared and desired the world over. It’s agents tell us the phone is ringing off the hook - we’ll keep you posted.

Mt Pleasant Road, Research

This beautiful video shows the power of our unique approach to carry a lot of campaign load. In this instance, we were asked to help capture not only the character of this lovely country estate, but also to portray its potential for a variety of uses.  We filmed from sunrise to dark with ground and aerial teams and our in-house stylist and then sat down and wrote a short, smart script that showcased both provenance and potential.

Highland Park

There are few projects that illuminate the power of what we do better than this one. "The Gates of Highland Park” is a beautiful untouched plot of land in Dallas, Texas that was looking for someone to come along who understood its rich and rare potential. Our role was to find a way to craft an understanding of not just the site, but also Highland Park, which would resonate with discerning buyers the world over. 

Rana Creek Ranch

This is the story of a great Californian ranching legacy. Mike Markkula wrote the cheque that founded Apple, and went on to become its CEO and Chairman, so he knows a good thing when he sees it. And his incredible Rana Creek Ranch is no exception. It was such a privilege for us to be invited to film this ranch and capture Mike's passion for it.. 

A Vision Splendid

Truly great homes deserve more than just pictures and music. They deserve to be given their story so that audiences will understand their unique place in the market. We always try to capture the way a home looks AND feels, most commonly with a carefully crafted narration that works not to sell a home, but rather sell a dream. In the case of this stunning Australian beach front home, there was plenty of dream to sell. 

L85 Eureka

One of the greatest challenge's, and powers, of our work is capture a sense of promise. In this case, it was a vast empty penthouse floor in one of the world's most famous skyscrapers, Melbourne's Eureka Tower. We spent several days capturing the amazing evolution of light, sun, shade and cloud around this incredible space, and, in doing so, helped it come to life.

Spanish Springs Ranch

Spanish Springs Ranch is one of the last surviving bastions of Old California. Set upon more than 900 acres over the Pacific Coastline and flanked by some of the most iconic vineyard regions in America’s West Coast, this iconic estate is teeming with wildlife, vegetation and nostalgia. It is now being offered for sale in a campaign that we believe will capture hearts and minds the world over. 

Oakland Ranch, Texas

lFrom the moment we stepped inside the magnificent gates of Oakland Ranch, we knew this had to be a story about family. This incredible ranch was a genuine love story that had been carefully crafted to bring the generations together. So, with the help of the family who owned it, we set about making a video that showcased its wonderful heart as much as its astounding assets.

Rose Bay, Sydney

When leading global prestige agency Knight Frank took on this spectacular home on the shore of Sydney Harbour, they came straight to us with a request to craft the kind of film that would resonate with its discerning and sophisticated client base around the world. The film we responded with was exactly what they asked - considered, credible, and exceptionally beautiful. 

Only Love

Welcome to Fieldhaven. This is surely one of our most heartwarming projects ever, creating a film to capture the story of the $US39million estate that billionaire David Duffield has gifted to animal welfare. We were asked to create a day in the life – no surprise that this beautiful home turned it into a love story. 

Prima 63: The Residence

Only any scale, this was a penthouse was rare. Stepping in there immediately made us think about the ultimate "boss life". So we set out to create a campaign that oozed substance and style, creating a film, photography, words and website that spoke the language of desire that would be understood the world over. See more at


We were privileged to work on the M3565 development on Queensland's Gold Coast from the outset - managing the brand, digital and media relations strategies from launch to completion  The passion project of leading Australian business figure Katie Page, M3565 is a masterstroke in sophisticated restraint - and mood we set out to capture during every stage of our campaign. See more at


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