Skilful Real Estate Video Production in Melbourne and Sydney

When it comes to real estate, selecting the right team to share your message is essential; you’re going to want all the right tools and expertise to get the best returns on your investment.

Goldeneye Media come from a place where our message separates us from the rest, where our technology is cutting edge and our films speak for themselves. We are at the cutting edge of cinema real estate videography in Sydney and Melbourne. We use only use cinematographers who are the best in the industry and we strive to produce unique content which is tailored made so our work for you is truly like no other. 

 When it comes to marketing these days print media doesn’t get high engagement because everyone wants to hit a play button – and that’s what we do best. At Goldeneye Media, we offer professional real estate videography services in Melbourne and Sydney that will beautifully capture the property and will get you the engagement and coverage you need!

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Beautifully executed videos for exceptional outcomes

Goldeneye Media is a video production company that delivers results. When we capture a property, we really take time to find the beautiful we take our time to hone our craft, to tell your story and to capture the magic moments. Filming at dawn or at dusk, from the air or on the ground, we work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. – from filming dawn to dusks and in between. When it comes to video marketing, we like to think we produce a film that really stands out from the crowd. We craft modern, fresh and inspiring videos for your project, and we really listen and work with you to achieve your vision.

We remain at the cutting edge of cinema real estate video technology, and use only the best equipment in what we do. Our aerial cinematographers are some of the best in the business and strive to produce content that is awe-inspiring. Our team are involved in the entire process from pre-production to post so that the creative message flows right through to the film. Our real estate video pricing is reasonable and we are always happy to discuss ways we can fit your visions within your budget.

We like to take our time with the process, spending time on the property and really getting a feel for it so we can do it justice. We get all the footage we need, so we can tell the perfect story about your real estate.



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Get results with our real estate videography services

At Goldeneye Media, we believe we are at the forefront of our industry. Our attention to our videos, photography, cinematic filming, both ground and aerial and our relationships with our clients are second to none and are reflected in each piece of our work.

Gem provide you with masterful real estate video production services for superior real estate.

We are at the forefront of real estate videography and production, both ground and aerial, in Melbourne and Sydney. If you have any further queries about our services and what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly team will answer your questions. If you’ve been searching for a real estate video production company that really cares with pricing to suit any budget, get in touch with Goldeneye Media today!

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