Pebble Cove

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“No other agency could have captured the essence of Pebble Cove the way Goldeneye did. They have an innate ability to understand the business of real estate, and then inject the right amount of personal. And in the end, that’s what delivers extraordinary outcomes.”
- Ken Jacobs, Christie’s International Real Estate


In the case of “Pebble Cove Farm” our innate ability to find the beautiful came into its own.

Had it been completed, “Pebble Cove Farm” would have been one of Australia’s greatest residential achievements. But when we arrived on site in 2015, it was a derelict building site – raw, neglected and incredibly challenging for buyers to understand. What we did was give it a heartbeat again. By creating a film that gently brought this vision back to life, we threw a challenge to the marketplace to find "the one" who would see this spectacular vision through.

It worked. The film was watched and covered extensively, and after months of previously fruitless inspections, it sold soon after to a party who saw the potential to make the dream their reality.