Otter Cove

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‘Goldeneye greatly facilitated the sale of our magical retreat, helping us find the perfect stewards for Otter Cove by highlighting its unique setting and its elegance, that no other media could accomplish. We remain in your debt.’
Peter Read, Owner, Otter Cove


Another stunning example of why truly great real estate always has a story.

Four years in construction, and centuries of inspiration, Otter Cove Estate must be one of the finest tributes to French-inspired design imaginable. A story made even more compelling by its location – overlooking its own breathtaking marine sanctuary in the heart of golfing royalty, Pebble Beach.

The director of Carmel Realty Company invited us to Otter Cove. He recognised our high quality, low volume strategy, and had hoped that it would resonate with the discerning owner of this incredible piece of real estate, lucky enough for all involved and it paid off. Our much loved film helped someone to understand the natural born wonder of ‘Otter Cove’, which sold for $US28million to a new custodian who was committed to maintaining its place as one of the great private marine sanctuaries on the Californian Coast. Otter Cove was an incredibly rewarding project, from its breathtaking home, to its inspiring owner and consummate agents, we were able to help create a truly phenomenal outcome.