Brand Building


360 Property Group

360 Property Group oozes energy, excellence and style. We wanted to give them a film that reflected that. We stepped away from their previous ‘talking heads” presentation and towards an exciting and cinematic promotion that captured their uncompromising commitment to changing landscape for property marketing across Australia. 


The Cadigal Group, are Sydney's premier office leasing specialists. From day one they were a company who understood the importance of capturing & telling their unique story. The film now takes centre stage on their new website, firmly cementing them as leaders in their industry. 

King Island Beef

King Island Beef was the story of a legacy in the re-making. Leading agri-investment group, EAT Group, asked us to create an emotive and informative centrepiece for a major capital raising campaign. Our brief was to capture a sense of the heritage, beauty and excellence that had made King Island one of the greatest beef producing regions in the world. 

The Directors

Video has the power to breathe life into any company's story. In the case of Kay & Burton, we decided to interview each of the modern day directors and ask them what made their agency different from the rest. The resulting language was incredibly frank and powerful, and it has now formed the basis of a ongoing series of videos that are used for their promotional, cultural and recruitment purposes.

Carmel Realty

For more than 100 years Carmel Realty has been representing the finest property across the beachfronts, fairways and valleys of California's Monterey Peninsula.  With a busy social calendar, the company also wanted a film that could be used as an elegant backdrop during events, complimenting proceedings rather than disrupting them. We responded with a film that told its beautiful story without speaking a word.


Twilight Polo

In its very first year, the Kennedy Twilight Polo wanted to share the story of its gorgeously sexy event with the world. With our strong understanding of both luxury and the sport of polo, we created a film that was pure desire, artfully serving as a wonderful showcase for the event and its significant lineup of sponsors. The film went on to serve as an excellent promotional tool in the leadup to the second year.

Robert Mills

Leading architect Robert Mills is a passionate storyteller for his beautiful homes. When this stunning luxury residence in Melbourne came to the market, we knew there was no one better to explain what it offered to potential purchasers than him. It worked a treat! The first person to see the property bought it, before the first advertisement had even run.

Just Privately

This film offers an intriguing glimpse into 'The Abercromby's Way'. Abercromby’s was founded on the principles of knowledge, service and long, strong relationships, which has led to the development of its ground breaking private auction program. Abercromby's film embodies their commitment to quiet, competent professionalism.

Levantine Hill

 From the stunning vineyards through to the time-honored production process, experienced winemaker Paul Bridgeman guides us through what makes Levantine Hill truly unique in the wine world, seamlessly matched to the beautiful aerial footage of the vineyards and an in depth look at the journey from hand-picking on-site to handcrafting in the winery. 

United Frontier

In February 2015 a little village in the far reaches of Northern Alaska held discussions with local and national government officials. In the wake of the recent governmental decision on the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, the stakes were high for all Alaskans. Goldeneye Media was brought in to craft a political campaign that told Kotzebue's story. 

Portraits of a Lady

GEM was engaged to create an entire program for the BPM Property Group. We chose to adopt the feel of a high end fashion shoot, which would speak to BPM's fashion forward approach to all its projects. We went behind the scenes of the photo shoot to create this beautiful short film, and offer an insight into the campaign and the BPM philosophy.

Williams Landing

We loved making this film for the ASX-listed Cedar Woods Properties. The energy and joy that swirls around the emerging community of  Williams Landing is contagious - from its residents, to its businesses, and the passionate team who is driving its vision. This shoot produced a variety of residential, corporate and promotional products - a great ROI.


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