360 Property Group

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"The film produced by Goldeneye Media took our brand to another level, cemented us as leaders in our sector and positioned us exactly where we wanted to be. Goldeneye's vision is exemplary and I am glad they are on my side."
- John Meagher, Founder, Managing Director


The 360 Property Group oozes energy, excellence and style and we wanted to give them a film that reflected just this. By stepping away from their previous ‘talking heads’ presentation, we were able to create an exciting and cinematic promotion. This promotion captured their uncompromising commitment to the changing landscape of property marketing Australia wide.

Behind the scenes of our work for the 360 Property Group is where the true success story is for us. Our creative rebranding of their company, seen in our photography and the content of our filming, inspired much of the direction of their new website.

It is this inspiration that we pride ourselves on. Creating a work for someone is one thing, however developing an idea and starting a whole new movement for them is something else entirely. Kindling excitement like this is what we look to stimulate within our work.